people always see what they want. they don't care what other people think. this is usual but selfish.

my father had a great fight last yesterday. he yelled my mother and hit my younger sister.

i think he is crazy, and i don't want to talk to him at all.

however, my mother asked me to talk to him, she said he is poor.

he is my father, and he feeds us, so we should not do this to him.

but, did she think that how we feel and he will never change?

i can't yell to him or hit him. so the only thing i can do is that don't talk to him. becasue everytime i see him and i will remember how he did to my mom.

and now she asks me to talk to him..... no! i don't want to.

if i really do this, i think i will be very fail and don't what to talk.

moreover, like this noon, he asked me to give him his clothe, and i just asked him the order again, because i did not hear clearly. then he felt just like angry.

then i thought" what the holly shit? you told mom that no one want to talk to you, but i think you should think about your attitude."

so, i still don't want to talk to him, and i think he is very selfish.

he always yell people and angry to people. then after that he will hope everyone can forget him, because he doesn't mean it.

but i think it is bull shit.  i don't want to believe him anymore, and everytime i see him. most of the memories are bed, nothing good to remember.

because everytime i see him feel happy, then i will think, when does he feel angry again? because he always feels angry.

selfish, and like a child. i hate that.

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In the end, nothing matter

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