it seems like, there just me, no other people.

i would write this blog is because i saw the Julia&Julie. and in the drama, people will see other people's blog.

but.... it seems not usual in taiwan.

it is very easy to see. like me, i would not see other people's blogs, because i do not have patient.

the only way i have the patient is novel. i like to read novel.


when i was a child, my mother did not buy toy to me. the reason is my younger sister and brother have the allergy of nose.

therefore, my mother bought lots of books. after that, three of us like to read novels, no matter on book or internet.

about me, i do not like to play video game, but i like to watch tv, use internet to see the novel or buy books.

i think i would like to watch tv is that tv will tell me the stories, many different kinds of stories.

however, tv programs are boring now. therefore, i have started to see the stories on internet.


internet is very useful. people can tell their stories on it, and the most important is that internet is free and fast.

when the writer write the lastest capter, reader can see at the first time.

we don't have to pay any money, just sign in the blog or let it become my favorite.


by the way,

i also like to see the movies. it is another way to tell me the storites.

i found that taiwan's movie not like the western. we don't have any big sense, but we have lots of little stories which can touch people's heart.

but.... most of time, i don't know taht the taiwan's directors want to tell us.

my mom always says that after we seeing the movies, we can't just say the actor is very handsome or he has great acting.

we also have to think what the director wants to tell us. she said, director would choose this movie, he must have his reason, and he must have something

want to tell us, using the movie. therefore, everytime after seeing movies, we should think about the meaning of movie. and then we won't waist our money to buy the

tickets, because we learn something or feel something form the movies. it will be enough.



in the other way i would like to write this is becasue i saw the movie"facebok."

and in the beginning, the main actor wrote many things on his blog, and then i thought" should i also start to write my blog?"

although there are no one will see my blog, i still have to write this. it can practice my writting ability, and also practice try to think in english.

i hate write, but i don't hate wirte on the blog.

it can train my speed of key words.


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